Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Final Countdown

Whew, it was a busy weekend and a lazy week--gotta catch up on my thanks-giving pledge! Actually, I already wired the money to Kenya this afternoon, but I'll still tell you what I'm thankful for...

In case you haven't read, I'm acquainted with a pastor in Kenya who is keen to get an amplifier to aid in spreading the Gospel. He and the evangelists in his church have a fire for outreach and are seeing many people come to Jesus. But their gathering venues--an overcrowded tin-sided church for Sundays and a roadside for outreaches--really make an amplifier an invaluable asset.

There's no way I can provide the $400-500 an amplifier costs, but I can give $50 and encourage others to chip in, too. So I decided to give $5 thanks' offering for 10 things I'm thankful for, give that money to the church in Kenya, and encourage folks like you to join me in thanks-giving.

I've already blogged thanks for #1--Freedom, and #2--God-moments. Here's the rest of my list...

What would I do without it? Thanks to Skype, I can see my whole family parade live in front of the camera with bellies full of turkey after Thanksgiving dinner. I can see if my Grandfather is keeping his bed made and room tidy. I can take tours of friends' new houses and they can see mine. Skype... the communication marvel of our time. It is well-deserving of $5.

They shape me, teach me, encourage me, stretch my mind. They prevent me from getting Alzheimer's...or over-exercising (haha). Seeing as how I've got books stacked horizontal on top of the upright ones on the shelf, they probably deserve an additional bookcase in addition to a mere $5. That'll have to wait...

#5--Normal Body
Well, excluding my height and hairy arms, which make me a bit of a freak in Korea. :-) But I'm so thankful I don't suffer from any food allergies, like glutin- or lactose-intolerance, which would make life oh-so-complicated. And I'm thankful that I can comfortably eat just about anything and do any normal physical activity without worrying or planning ahead (i.e. taking a shot of insulin, or packing an inhaler), and that I don't require any regular medicines or doctor's appointments.

#6--My Family (these are not listed in order of importance, haha)
From my immediate family to my grandparents and cousins, God has blessed me with an incredible, supportive family. I hope to resemble each one of them in some way, and I love them and appreciate their love so very much. It would take too long to commend them for all they are and all they do, so I'll leave it at this.

#6--My Adoptive Families
From the Dominican Republic to Goshen, IN to Busan, South Korea to my next-door neighbors (and especially my next-door neighbors!), God has blessed me with many sincere and loving guardians on my journey. I'm especially thankful for my Korean mom and dad, who love and care for me just like a daughter. Words can't express my gratitude for their presence in my life.

#7--My Private Bathroom
Being a bit of a germaphobe, I don't know how I'd handle sharing a bathroom with the 4 pre-schoolers and Kindergarteners in my house. I think I'd be willing to pay $5 x 100 for the privilege of having my own bathroom... but fortunately, it was included from day one. I think it adds more to my quality of life than my Western-style bed.

#8--School Food
Not only does our school have delicious food (most of the time), but it's free and organic! Eating healthy, organic food 5 days a week allows me to save money with simple, instant food on the weekends. And seeing how much I favor simple, instant food when left to my own devices, that healthy school food prevents me from getting fat or deficient in vitamins and minerals (now I'm sounding like an adult).

#9--My Down Coat
I don't usually remember it in the summer, but this is one item I wouldn't want to live without in the winter. Considering that I require two layers of pants in my house in the winter, you can imagine why a good winter coat would be essential outdoors. Or in an unheated cafeteria. :-P

#10--Vacation Time
This is appropriate for the last day of school, which is tomorrow! I'm sooo thankful for long vacations to go see family in the summer or catch up on studying in the winter. I think I'm really spoiled--but I'm thankful so that makes it okay, right?! ;)

Please consider chiming in on what you're thankful for and giving a thanks offering to the Church in Kenya. An amp would be so helpful to their ministry. And while they could technically survive without it--just like I can technically survive without 9/10 things on my list (#2 is pretty vital when you consider every breath to be a God-moment)--I know they would be very, VERY thankful and their outreach blessed by it. Or should I say, amplified? ;)

Pastor Lukas' church in Eldoret, Kenya

Home Cell Group with Evangelist Idimuli (far left)

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  1. praise the lord!!the lord is good..we thanks the lord for many who prays for us and stand with all started after sister Sarah Wilson was sent to us by the lord..printed beautiful gospel literature which have aided to win over 500 souls to our church.and are baptized...and many other whom have joined other churches..we thanks the lord for our sister who stands with us,,and keep on sending funds for mission work..please friends want to stand with our mission in Kenya,reach our sister Sarah.